Guide to Life

I believe that the centerfold of the Catholic faith is focused on producing the highest results with work, health, family, and hospitality and hoping others pursue the same path. One should thank God for the opportunity to live their life to the fullest and do good things just because they have the opportunity to do them (not for status, ego, greed, etc). Craft physical and/or mental talents and use communication to convey knowledge in high demand markets and make as much money as they can. One should take the initiative to work out (whether it be athletics, lifting and/or running, etc) at the highest level they can do it at and set the bar high and not do any drugs. One should also focus on having the discipline and empathy to raise a family and put money and energy into that to lead their kids to be productive in an authentic way. Lastly, one should strive to do things out of hospitality and reject reacting to physical and verbal confrontation unless you must in self-defense. Anyone who disrespects you is failing to see things for how they truly are and they don't have any empathy for the well-being of others lives. Hope that negative people change and realize that their criticism of good actions is only making them a worse person. Have character. Overall, the teachings of God should be learned and in order to truly believe in them they must be acted out which exemplifies their strong faith. Having faith in positivity is the only thing that is going to allow someone to have the mental toughness to live a christ-centered life. Positive self-talk and mindset and then taking the initiative to pursue what you know to be right will lead you to be successful in being a genuine person. Should tap into the good side of yourself to experience a positive reaction toward progressive actions. Do not be overcome with temptation. Trust in God's teachings just to believe in being the best version of yourself (work, health, family, and hospitality). Never doubt yourself and always prioritize these things in your mind and that they came from God and you will be successful and a legitimately rational person. Eternal peace for good actions is a component to the faith, but understand that one should focus on now and just do it because it's right.

- Mark

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